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Lazy Bloody Artist Magic
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Eternity's my home. The Universe my backyard.
My mind is a playground. So lets make it all art.
Lazy Bloody Artist Magic.

Life is the gilded cage of my soul.
Its freedom lays between each breath.
My mind flies me out beyond its boundaries.
And brings me back its art.
Lazy Bloody Artist Magic.

The works of man send a message to other men.
But Life is the message the Universe sends to itself.
And artists are it's interpreters and translaters.
Proof that the Universe is nuts!
Lazy Bloody Artist Magic.

The meaning of Life is to live.
But how one lives is a better question.
And what art to post is the best question.
Lazy Bloody Artist Magic.

As of Oct 2014 I developed tinnitus.
There is a constant hissing noise in my ears.
I will never again know the sweet sound of silence.
Lucky are you all that can hear the sound of silence.
Lazy Bloody Artist Magic.
I had visited deviantART many times in the past for ideas and resources but never expected I would be posting here. The talent and creativity here is so awesome that I felt too nervous to throw my art in the mix as I didn't really consider myself as an artist. I'm just a hobbyist playing around  in the free render program Daz Studio with 3D models made by others. So I'm not an artist by any traditional sense but more like a movie director setting up the stage and telling the actors what to do (luckily my actors don't chuck tantrums but occasionally I do). Then I throw in a few lights and hit render. And if it comes out bad I just throw it in Photoshop and play around with a few filters and bingo! Art!

Anyhoot after some of my renders got banned from the galleries of Renderosity and RuntimeDNA I pretty much didn't know where to go next. I was a long time member of those galleries and I was quite upset (actually I felt betrayed) that they turned against my work and slapped me in the face with their terms of service. Renderosity banned my image "Kawaii Princess" but RuntimeDNA accepted it. RuntimeDNA  banned my image "Much ado about nothing" but Renderosity accepted it. And they both had very similar terms of service! Go figure!

I believe what we each accept as art is subjective and our perceptions can be biased, not only affected by one's culture and upbringing but also by one's maturity. And by maturity I don't mean age, I mean true spiritual maturity, the type that is prepared to accept Life as is warts and all. Well I'm not sure how things work around here and how far I can push the meaning of art but I'm going to have fun finding out. And I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

Buddhism Sixth Patriach Huineng "The finger can point to the moon's location. However, the finger is not the moon." Yep, that's right, the monk has just given the unenlightened the finger. ;)

Cat Empire - Hello:[link]

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Thanks for the comments and favs. Like your work, the images suggest a great history behind them, like looking a single page of a novel.
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you're welcome and thanks wave remake yer my artwork inspiration is mostly from my own life.
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